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What is Direct Marketing?

Simply, direct marketing is making a specific offer to your target market and then tracking the response, leads and sales so you know which offers are producing the best results. Unlike “image advertising” where you spend your hard-earned profits to “get your name out,” direct marketing is part art and part science that is measurable.

The real advantage with direct response marketing is being able to test campaigns and tweak the sales copy and creative elements to improve your marketing ROI.  In other words, you know immediately if your marketing efforts are producing positive results.

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How We Can Help

Whether it’s direct mail, display advertising, email marketing, catalogs, publicity, newsletters, trade shows, commercials, the Internet, or one of the other thousands of ways to use direct response marketing, you and your business will love your marketing ROI when it’s properly executed.

It all starts with identifying the best marketing message, sending it to the right target markets, then using direct marketing strategies that produce the best results. That’s where we come in.

We specialize in identifying the best strategies, crafting compelling marketing campaigns and helping you implement them for powerful results!

Let’s Get Started. Let’s Make An Impact!

  • Reduce lead generation costs.

    Give your video blog or YouTube videos a professional look with customized video intros, show openings and video outros branded around your company or service.

  • Convert leads into sales.

    Want to offer your own video training to sell as a product? Or provide your customers with commercial videos for their products?

  • Eliminate profit-killing price discounts.

    We can handle the whole process for you: from editing and developing the product to mastering and distribution as a DVD, online product, or both.

  • Earn the business of quality clients who advocate your business.

    CreativeMade provides professional, streaming media services in the simplest process you’ll find. Just send us your content and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Improve your client relationships.

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  • Get profitable and repeat sales.

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Custom(er) Support

Every client is unique. Because we cater to each client, every project, our support is custom. From in-house training to webinar Q&A’s.

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Many companies offer Strategic Planning. Make sure you go with Marketing Professionals.

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