US Olympics Girl Face

Top 10 Viral Images of 2012

These images, for better or for worse, got some of the best exposure on social sites like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. With so many companies trying to make their products viral, perhaps you can learn something from these social media winners.

1. McKayla Maroney

US Olympics Girl Face

2. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

3. Stingray Molests Girl

Stingray Molests Girl

4. RedBull’s Felix Baumgartner

RedBull Freefall Jump

5. AirBear

AirBear Bear on Trampoline

6. Angelina Jolie – That Leg

Angelina Jolie Leg

7. Obama Hugs Michelle

Obama Hug Michelle

8. NASA Spaceshuttle Endeavor

Nasa Spaceshuttle Endeavor

9. NASA Mars Rover “Mohawk Guy”

Nasa Rover Mohawk Guy

10. Suspected Squid Eyeball Washes Up In Florida

Marlin Eye

11. *Bonus* The Moon Rising At The Beijing Olympics

China Olympics Moon