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9 Minute Graduate Speech That’s Brilliant

Creative Made VideoIf you watch one thing today, watch this. “This is Water” is an animation short from the graduate speech by David Foster Wallace, an award winning American novelist. It might put your world in perspective, but further the video artfully illustrates the speech in perfect harmony, bringing the words to life as 9 minutes of your life blissfully gain meaning.

The speech is brilliant, but what makes the video a success? Creative animations combined with typography of a certain hand drawn looking slab serif font. This creates branding through the video, with the typography helping set the mood and keeping focus on the meaning of the words, while still being artful in presentation.

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Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts

It’s no secret that the web has taken leaps and bounds since it’s inception. Even in the last 2 or 3 years, websites have become drastically more impressive. With Web 2.0 design, and backend technology like CSS3 getting more and more powerful – one area was lacking. Typography. Read more