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How to Fix Broken Website Links

Often, clients attempt to update their website only to find that links do not work, images do not show, or something breaks. This is how you fix it! Read on to discover how to properly link files.

Now accepting credit card payments!

You asked for it, we delivered! We’ve accepted PayPal payments since the start, and though you can pay via credit cards through PayPal, one of our clients noted how cumbersome this was. So we did some research, and got setup with a nice payment gateway that is entirely secure via verified SSL and extra web security. Keeping […]

Our printing is environmentally friendly.

  Is Printed Marketing Material More Environmental Friendly Than Online Marketing? Maybe. Here are some interesting facts we read on the internet: • One email, with a 400k attachment, sent to 20 people, is equivalent to burning a 100w light bulb for 30 minutes. • Reading the news online for more than 30 minutes can […]

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Do: Keep the layout simple. Reserve complex design for landing pages. Use tables. Email clients have strict rules on how they display CSS. Clean up your HTML. Spammers are sloppy. Don’t be a spammer. Use actual size image. Some email clients will not stretch or tile your images like you think. Test, test, test. There are a myriad of […]

A website programmer horror story.

This is a random story on Reddit, a social media site. It’s a good note on why, as designers, we are wary to work with clients simply looking for the lowest bidder. Business ethics and morals are as relevant as a handshake and coffee in the digital age.

Sponsoring the Newport Film Festival™

Proudly premiering on April 30th, 2012 – the International Spotlight of the 13th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival is a prestigious event promoting a global outlook on cinema today. Back in December, the Australian segment contacted CreativeMade™ with a proposal – sponsor the marketing materials for the West Coast Premiere of the movie Swerve. We […]

Why do restaurants have horrible websites?

Farhad Manjoo at Slate put together a great article on restaurant websites, and their lack of meeting customer’s needs. Essentially, restaurants want to entertain and entice the customer – but are missing the critical needs of the customer. What’s on the menu, how pricey is it, what’s the atmosphere? This can all be shown without […]

Trending – Create movement in logo designs.

You’ve likely noticed that many fast-food chains have rebranded or recreated their logo. In fact, in Southern California I had no idea many of the antiquated logos were still around – until a trip to visit family on the East Coast where I saw many chains still had the old logos up, and you really […]